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 Develpment Work In Mangochi, Malawi (South-East Of Africa)


German Development Service-Work Plan
In Partnership Of District Assembly Mangochi (DPD) And German Development Service (DED) 



 Overall Objective of DW Assignment:

 Advise District Assembly Mangochi and Town Assembly and other sector bureaux to improve the preparation of annual, medium and long term multi-sectoral District  Development Plans in socio-economic, physical and town planning for Mangochi and other districts, to satisfy district and Central Government requirements for  decentralisation and democratisation, also town planning and civil engineering.


 1. Adapt personnel structure of DPD in line of request of DED work plan

 2. Financial plan DPD adapted to suit DED work plan

 3. Collect existing data as basis of the socio-economic profile (SEP), implementation of district development plan and physical planning

 4. Analyse of data bank for Mangochi – District as basis for planning and for the preparation of the socio-economic profile (SEP) and physical planning

 § Report of status quo of  planning in the planning department and in the District Assembly

 § Experts are working as a team to follow up data collection according to the planning framework of decentralization

 5. Collecting data from each department  reporting to the planning department of the District Assembly

 § Continuous following up of the databank in the District Assembly is organised

 § Structure plan for a team to follow up data collection according to the planning framework of decentralization

 6. Prepare maps M 1 : 250 000 and M 1 : 50 000 including all collected data as basis for Development Planning and as basis for the VAP, SEP and town planning

 § Preparation of several different thematic maps, basic maps for VDC, ADC, on district level

 § Checking of existing aerial pictures to complete village maps

 § report with maps and a District Atlas including available data in general

 § Develop thematic maps according with sector departments

 7. Lay out of  Socio Economic Profile (SEP) of Mangochi District as first draft

 § Working plan of all planning partners on district level

 § Organisation of a meeting to introduce the Socio Economic Profile (SEP) of Mangochi District

 8. Lay out of VAP Village Action Planning Profile of Mangochi District as first draft available

 § Preparation of digital map with existing settlement structure

 § First draft of village hierarchy  on the basis of DDP

 9. Implementation of development plan of Mangochi

 § Show details of all issues so as available

 10. Care for communication network with Decentralization Secretariat (DS), GTZ other NGO´s and local authorities like, chiefs, councillors, TA‘s etc, Contacts to other GO´s,  NGO´s and other Departments like Physical Planning Zomba

 § Requests for required materials, single day meeting of all organisations working in the district to set work priorities

 § Donor Round Table Meeting on district level

11. List of required information and materials as requested by donors

 § Identify the need for required information and  materials

 § Achieve capacity building for computers and other technical office equipment

12. Obtain capacity building of the process of decentralization

 § Good networking between sector departments and the District Assembly

 § Data from sector departments is prepared in maps and sent to the planning department of District Assembly

 13. Advertising civil engineering of Mangochi Boma

 14. Improved collection of detailed maps of Mangochi District

 15. Introducing of GPS/GIS-System in Department of Physical Planning

 16. Digitalising of maps and an organised mapping archive

 17. Advertising of town planning for Mangochi Boma

 18. Advertising of bridge building and detailed construction drawings

 19. Service and Implementation for Flood Proposal and Environmental Guide line

 20. Service for Socio Economic Profile for Mangochi Town Assembly


      My District Office in Mangochi                                                  



 From 18th March 2003 until 31th March 2004 I have been working as a planning advisor in the Department of Planning and Development of Mangochi District Assembly,  represented by DISTRICT COMMISSIONER, Department of Local Government, P/Bag 138, MANGOCHI, MALAWI.

 As representive of the DED, I worked in tandem with the Department of Planning and De­velopment as a Planning Advisor

 This was part of the German Development Service contribution to Malawi’s pro­cess of de­mocratisation and decentralisation. Since the 15th December 2003 I have only been  involved with the Department of Planning and Development in Mangochi Town Assembly.




 On my own initiative I worked on the following projects:


Bridge construction in rural area:


Detailed working drawings, special solutions in bridge constructions with local materials, im­provement of durabilitytion and capacity, water and road construction


Design of Maps:

 Six coloured thematic maps of Mangochi District M 1 : 50 000 were prepared to store de­tailed information in local data base

 Documentation of constructions faults:

 Digital picture archive about construction details of school buildings to improve the quality of structures

  Design of exhibition materials

 Design of exhibition materials for Mangochi Social Economic Profile and District development plan

 Site mapping in Mangochi rural area:

 Local mapping of coordinates and store data in Geographic Information System (GIS) by hand, in hardcopies and also in computer based system ARCVIEW

 Supply and design of maps as hardcopies:

 Supply and design of maps of Mangochi District M 1 : 50 000 and 1 : 250 000 as hardcopy

 Production of digital maps:

 Production of digital maps of Mangochi District M 1 : 50 000 and 1 : 250 000 for District Data Base in computer based system ARCVIEW

 Computer maintenance:

 Continuous maintenance of computer equipment in Mangochi District office

 I feel that Mangochi districts important political programme in its young democracy benefited from my professional and human support.



My first experience as development worker for the German Development Service gave me valuable input during my daily work in the Department of Planning and Development.


I worked with my counterparts  in a friendly and sensitive manner when dealing with professional and cultural issues.


 The budget for administration was not adequate to finance the development and planning related activities belonging to the DED-Work Plan in the district. Furthermore, the  Assembly’s financial resources are not adequate to support the activities of any Development Work.



 I worked with the representative of the Ministry of Housing, Mr. Ken Banda (Ministry of Housing) as a Construction Engineer and Architect. For this I had the cooperation of the  District Commissioner Mr. Yak Nguluwe, and the Director of Planning and Development in Mangochi District Assembly, Mr. Berlings Langa.

 l advised the representative of the Ministry of Housing as a Construction Engineer and Archi­tect as follows:

 Program of Education for artisans:

 Design of three slide shows for building construction in rural areas; which should improve the general standard of traditional house construction.

 Architectural design:

 Working drawings for seven markets sheds in Mangochi District

 Site advertisement in rural area:

 Placement of buildings in cooperation with local partners in sub enters

 Assistance in Submission:

 Testing applicants to work as contractors

 Computer training:




 My partners and I handled these all duties impeccably.

 Mr. Banda was the most available, competent and helpful partner I could ask for.

 We worked with the representative of the Ministry of Housing, Mr. Ken Banda, as good friends. On the construction site I was responsible for guidance and supervision. We  solved all problems together in an accurate manner.

 Due to the termination of my contract by the German Development Service and the Decen­tra­lisation Secretariat of the Malawian Government, I had to cancel all my unfinished  projects.



 I worked in the Department of Planning and Development of Mangochi Town Assembly as a Planning Advisor of the German Development Service on my own initiative and  carried out the following projects

 Storm water protection in Mangochi township:



 In addition to two main channels (DN 1000) of the rainwater drainage system to avoid flood disasters in areas of Mangochi township during rainy season, preparation of a  proposal, construction design, site management


 Water Protection Zone: 

 Designed Water Protection Zone in neighbourhood of water suck pipes in Shire River, fence construction (working drawings) and protection of existing bridge construction  across Shire River



 Fish market Mangochi:


 Supply construction of fish market with suitable interior for selling fish (special concrete tab­les with water supply and waste water drainage system)


 Town Planning in Mangochi


 Advised and consultated on town planning in Mangochi Boma (design parts of plot plans in squatter areas)


 Social Economic Profile


 I furnished digital material for Social Economic Profile in Mangochi Town Assembly and worked cooperative in friendship, partnership and found sensitive colloquies about  under­standing in special professional and cultural aspects.


 Sundown of my Settlement in Palm Beach near Mangochi 

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